Holiday in village: best advices

Relaxing, sports and fun at the sea and in the mountains. News from holiday resorts for families, young people and limited budgets

Spending your vacation in a holiday village means choosing a vacation without any worries, within well-organized facilities where the only thought is fun and relaxation. In the tourist village the type of stay can be in different forms: in hotels, bungalows, apartments, but also in caravans or residences. Inevitable the animation that seeks to engage vacationers with group games, sports activities, tournaments, parties and shows.

How to choose a village?

But choosing a village type or another means also choosing a vacation style. First maybe the villages were the most suitable holiday for families with children for the services offered: baby club and mini club, play areas, water aerobics, beach games, sports and evening animation groups that organize shows and baby dance. For the smallest villages then they have baby-sitting, almost always paid, where to find everything they need to prepare the baby without the need for anything other than the baby bottle. In addition, to keep up with the times and to accommodate the new families made up of just one parent, tour operators have been organized with discounts for moms and dads who go on vacation alone with their children.

For those who love the “all inclusive” but do not want to be surrounded by families and children, there are villages that only accommodate those who are just right for fun, day and night. Sports, shows, entertainment, music, special parties and lots of emotions to try. The first music resort in the world was born in El Kebir in Tunisia for an even richer summer of music and energy with events dedicated to young people, in collaboration with the best disco clubs in Italy.


Different people – different needs

For sports enthusiasts, there are some formula for those who prefer an active vacation: the sea can be chosen from diving, water sports, tennis, horseback riding, in the mountains, especially in Italy, France And Switzerland can practice hiking, snowboarding and summer skiing. And after the sport, relax in the wellness centers or in the pools within the high-quality facilities and look after it in detail. From Tunisia to Morocco, from Spain to Mauritius, the new fashion for the summer of 2009, golf, goes on holiday: there are, in fact, villages designed especially for green lovers with prestigious golf courses just a stone’s throw from the sea.

For those who do not want to move even a muscle, instead, there are villages dedicated only to the well-being of mind and body with beauty treatments and massages, wellness center and dietary catering. Here you can sit and relax, read books ar try new new pay by phone casinos. Be careful, if you have babies on the go, to pick those with assistance for the little ones, for complete relaxation.

Of course, the conveniences of a resort have a higher cost for the services offered and the organization but there are options for paid rates and discounts for both those who book their holiday in advance in advance, regardless of their destination or who chooses a trip Lasting longer than a week, rewarding those who, even in times of crisis, do not want to give up enjoying the well-deserved holidays.

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